COVID -19 - The Moment of Truth

High mortality in patients with coronavirus in hospitals is due to two main reasons: The first reason is a toxic lesion of the alveoli, which is caused by excessive doses of antibiotics. This disease is called chemical pneumonitis.

The second reason is the unreasonably high degree of saturation of hospital wards with patients with suspected coronavirus. Not with coronavirus, but with various symptoms of a viral or bacterial infection.
Antibiotics destroy not only bacteria proteins. They can also destroy the proteins of the cells of the lung tissue and intestinal tissues. This is exactly what happens to patients in the hospital. The cells contain about 40% of all the fluid in our body.

Imagine lung tissue cells as a large bunch of balloons that are filled with fluid. Now now imagine that you have a needle in your hands and you pierce these balls. Through these small holes, fluid will begin to flow out and accumulate in the lower part of the lung.

The more antibiotics the patient takes, the more balls will be damaged and the more the level of fluid in the lung will rise. After some time, fluid from some balls completely flows out and gaping holes form in the lungs.
Now imagine that the balls are pulmonary alveoli. The greatest amount of fluid will flow out if the alveoli are damaged.

Antibiotics corrode the protective film and destroy the beneficial microbiota. The cell membrane of the alveoli is deprived of its natural defense. Viruses are able to penetrate into the alveoli. Hyaluronic acid, which is involved in gas exchange, flows through the damaged walls of the alveoli.

If it follows, then the lung no longer performs its function and the person dies. Alveoli are located in the lower parts of the lungs and therefore hyaluronic acid accumulates here. Gradually, the fluid level rises and as a result, the patient can simply choke. The brain and other tissues are deprived of oxygen.

Ventilators in such cases will be ineffective because the cause of damage to the alveoli is chemicals. Normal ventilation of the lungs will not help because the main cause of the damage is not eliminated - these are chemical compounds that are part of antibiotics.

The only way to deal with this type of pneumonia is to give up antibiotics and using intensive treatment with quantum biology methods. Today, these methods are completely ignored by "evidence-based medicine", although our center for 19 years has been representing their effectiveness in pneumonia and chemical pneumonitis.

The mechanism of the occurrence of chemical pneumonitis and chemical alveolitis is a defeat of the tissues of the whole body with antibiotics and hormones. The chemicals that make up antibiotics destroy the microbiota and the wet film in which this microbiota lives. Subsequently, they damage the alveoli, tissues of the lungs, intestines, kidneys, other organs and open free access to cells for viruses and bacteria. Ventilators are not capable of saving a person from the effects of caustic chemistry.

Monitoring of our center in connection with viral or bacterial diseases shows that in recent years the number of patients with adenovirus infection has significantly increased.

We assume that this is due to an increase in vaccination. Many vaccines are made on the basis of adenoviruses. We also see a picture of a significant increase in pneumonia due to pneumococcal infection. This significant increase in pneumonia occurred immediately after the widespread introduction of pneumococcal vaccine.

U.S. President Donald Trump has made the right decision to break the deal with WHO and stop funding it. Treatment of coronavirus  with standard antibiotic regimens resulted in the death of a huge number of people.

For many years I turned to WHO with a call to pay attention to the methods of quantum biology and partially abandon antibiotics. No one in this organization answered me. They fear that more efficient and safer methods of quantum biology will replace a profitable pharmaceutical business. In this case, they will lose their share in the pharmaceutical business.

As a result of excessive measures for testing and hospitalization of patients, not only patients with acute respiratory viral infections or acute respiratory infections, but also medical personnel were affected. Now that seasonal flu is on the decline, it's time to figure out who and for what purpose was beneficial to escalate the atmosphere of hysteria, fear and horror.

By all indications, COVID-19 owes its affinity to the laboratories that are involved in the development of vaccines. This is not the first time that science has demanded numerous sacrifices from humanity. If the forced vaccination campaign against this laboratory coronavirus is successful, the number of victims will be much greater, and vaccine owners will be much richer.

From various Internet sources you can see that in 2019 in Moscow tests were carried out on volunteers of a vaccine against coronavirus. Where did this vaccine come from in Russia? Most likely she was transferred to Russia for testing. If this vaccine was indeed received by a Russian laboratory for testing on a fee basis, then it becomes clear why the outbreak of coronavirus occurred simultaneously in several countries. It is possible that vaccine trials were conducted in several countries at once.

Testing the vaccine on volunteers could have the effect of an exploding nuclear bomb. If the virus broke free as a result of tests, then it becomes clear why the shock wave covered the entire globe. It is known that pharmaceutical campaigns conduct their tests in this way. No one ever knows how powerful the explosion will be after these tests.

If US President Donald Trump accuses China and WHO of conspiracy, then this may mean that they organized the transmission of a strain of the virus to develop a vaccine in other countries, including Russia. And if so, then Dr. Rashid Buttar is absolutely right when he blames the owners of the patent COVID - 19 in this situation. Now it remains to find out which other countries received this strain and which countries tested the coronavirus vaccine on volunteers. All countries must learn the names of their "heroes."

Oleg Bessarabov